Our Story

Once Upon a Time…


This tale starts with a mischievous little goat. Our Josie is a bit of an escape artist, as most goats are!  She would find her way out of the paddock and wander right  through the herb gardens as if to show us that the herbs, flowers and her milk were a natural combination. When we decided that we wanted to start our own company, we followed Josie’s lead.

We have always known that products made on a small scale and with thoughtful practices are of the best quality.  We love handmade soap, we love our goats and we love our gardens…so we thought, “Why not create quality soaps and other products that support sustainability and provide them for others?”

Why not indeed!

Today we are producing over twenty different soaps and have many more on the way.  We are in farmers markets and local stores as well as providing our products online.  We have been overjoyed at our customer’s responses (that’s you!) and are grateful for all of the support we have received.  Thank you all for every step of this journey!

 ~ Cheryl Rudy & Tanya Rudy  (Mother-Daughter team at WG)

Happy spring baby at our farm