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Product Description

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray you, love,
remember. And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts.
-William Shakespeare

There is nothing quite like the smell of rosemary, is there? Not to mention the contrasting beauty of the blue/purple flowers set against deep green leaves.  Breathtaking, and especially welcome indoors during our New England winters. We grow our rosemary plants year-round and powder the leaves to add into our soap. The soap contains a lovely blend of rosemary, lavender and litsea essential oils.  Invigorating and refreshing, we adore this combination!

Our rosemary soap is blended with rosemary, lavender and lemon essential oils and powdered organic rosemary leaf. A lovely soap!

Made with:

Fresh goats milk, saponified organic oils(olive, coconut, palm-cert. Friend of the Earth, soybean & jojoba), organic ground rosemary & essential oils of rosemary, lavender & litsea.