I met these wonderful people at the Common Ground Fair last year. I could not walk by their booth, the smells drew me in. I had such a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted! I ended up with a great variety. I love my soaps, they make my skin feel soft and silky, and they smell wonderful. I highly recommend them. Can’t wait to get more. You can order from their web site, but I would rather visit in person! Thank you for such a wonderful product and customer service!
~ Winnie

Love love love the soaps!!!! Thank you for the note and the extra bar – I think it’s my favorite to boot! It’s so nice to be able to wash my face and not have it be dried out or be totally greasy from a store bought moisturizing cleanser. It made my day getting them in the mail.  Thanks a bunch.
– Hillary

I have sensitive skin that gets dry in the winter, and my Wandering Goat soap soothes and softens my skin even better than the more expensive soaps on the market.

– C. Murray

I have wildly sensitive skin that likes to dry out with most soaps leaving my skin itchy and flaky. But not the the Wandering Goat Soap. It leaves my skin silky soft as if I just smoothed it with lotion. I can feel that this soap is made with love as it lathers nicely and smells so good. Thank you for making such a great product!

– Tami R.