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Maine Made Soap

We handcraft soap on our family farm in beautiful Midcoast Maine. Our soaps are handmade in small batches using ingredients of the finest quality.

About Us

Simplicity & Purity

Our Pledge

We have a strong commitment to the planet and source only organic, sustainable and natural ingredients. You will never find any artificial fragrances or dyes, chemical additives or harmful preservatives in our products. We will not sacrifice the quality of our products for profit. We believe that the trust and respect of our customers is the most important thing that we can earn. We truly love what we do and are excited to share our products with you! 

Our Goats

Our star employees at Wandering Goat have access to both the barn and pasture at all times, which results in a herd of healthy and happy goats. They are full of mischief, curiosity, wanderings and snuggles. These playful ladies contribute the fresh, creamy milk that makes up 25% of each soap batch right here at the farm. Goat milk is a wonderful source of many vitamins and nutrients that nourish skin. It has gentle exfoliating properties which help facilitate healthy cell turnover and skin rejuvenation.

Our Ingredients

We grow herbs and flowers here on the farm to add into our products. What we do not grow, we source organically. These make their way into your soaps as dried petals and leaves, or as herbal oil infusions. Each of these adds their own special properties. Some are cleansing, some are exfoliating, some are helpful in supporting the skin, and all are a lovely reminder of the summer garden! The beautiful, clean scents in our soaps come only from essential oils and not synthetic chemicals.