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Ylang Ylang


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The inspiration for this label is the color of the flower from the cananga tree from the Philippines. This flower has a pleasingly rich and romantic floral scent, reminiscent of jasmine. The essential oil extracted from these flowers is called ylang-ylang, which is valued as a perfume and also used in aromatherapy to relax & soothe.  


We combined ylang-ylang with grapefruit essential oil for a deliciously fruity, floral and juicy bar. It's like nothing else we have created and it's worth adding to your soap collection!

Ingredients: Farm fresh goat's milk, saponified olive oil*, coconut oil*, palm oil* (certified Sustainable RSPO), soybean oil*, jojoba oil*, grapefruit essential oil and ylang-ylang essential oil.

*Certified Organic